A few kind words and motivational stories

“Sanctus is a nice place where you can go and feel at home. Everybody is really kind and they always take the time to help me out”

“Sanctus has been a breath of fresh air. I was and still am on the streets. Sanctus has helped me a lot for food and shelter and a place where I can call home. They have helped me with living accommodation. It’s a place where I would like to see its doors still open in the future. I would recommend anyone who is homeless or in need of help to go to Sanctus”

“My name is James and I am currently staying in a tent with my partner. We both have no family or support and without Sanctus we would be struggling a lot more than we already are. Sanctus and the staff and volunteers give us great advice to be pointed in the right direction. It is somewhere to keep dry, warm and have a hot meal. We have been given blankets and a lot of handy items to make our stay in the streets more capable. My partner and I would be in a bad place without the help and support form Sanctus”

“I have been going to Sanctus from the beginning I have found the staff to be very helpful and understanding. I have been sleeping rough and having lost my wife I have found it hard to cope on my own. Sanctus has given me great hope to go on with life and all the staff have been undoubtedly wonderful”

“Just because I push my wold in a trolley doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect. That’s why I come to Sanctus because you show us all that respect, every day”

“Sanctus saved my life”