Every year Sanctus helps hundreds of people, below are a few stories and quotes of those who helped.

Sanctus success stories

George – George is a long-standing rough sleeper suffering from alcohol addiction his entire life, George had been housed on many occasions but due to his lifestyle, he was often evicted from various addresses. He has been known to cause problems around the town centre as well as being involved in low-level crime. This means he is often in and out of the court system. Due to George getting older and his body suffering due to his alcohol intake, he, unfortunately, had to be taken to hospital over the last few years on many occasions. On one occasion, this was almost life-threatening. This is a highly complex scenario but after some work, we have managed to get George rehoused in shared accommodation where he can settle and work on his health and have somewhere to call home. George is really benefiting from a safe and secure home and the company of others while knowing he can utilise Sanctus for support. We will continue to support him as and when he requires to sustain his tenancy and keep him on the right track.

Hannah – Hannah attended Sanctus after fleeing domestic violence from a family member. Hannah had travelled to Chelmsford as she had been offered a sofa to sleep on. This situation broke down, so she found herself homeless on the streets of Chelmsford. Hannah was on the streets where so many of us shop and return to our homes. Hannah was unaware of the housing law relating to where her links were and her obligations to be housed. We worked with and supported Hannah. We contacted her local council and domestic violence support charity. We were able to assure Hannah she would be accommodated away from her perpetrator. We funded train travel to get her to her home area where she had support waiting for her on the other side. Hannah is now in temporary accommodation, feels safer and is off the streets we have remained in contact with her as she waits for the outcome of her homelessness application from her local Council.

Stacey – Stacey had a history of violent relationships and relationship breakdowns. She came to us when she was pregnant, had financial issues and had issues with people who were disturbing and pestering her and her daughter. Sanctus organised emergency accommodation and financial support all while maintaining her daughter’s school life. Applications were processed and a new home was obtained. Support was provided with emptying the previous property and furniture and other items for the new home. An early pregnancy meant more support. Stacey and her two children are now flourishing in their new home.

Brian – Brian was experiencing financial hardship, he came to us to be able to obtain food and help mitigate the impact of rising prices. Brian found that he obtained much more than food and built relationships that have given him more confidence and a wide friendship group. Brian also obtained advice on benefits and budgeting and some techniques to combat the energy crisis. While Brian will still find it hard to tackle the ongoing cost challenges, he knows he is not alone and has support via Sanctus and others.

Simon – Simon is an ex-offender and was heavily in addiction when he came to Sanctus, and wanted help with getting clean and finding housing so he was in a good place to contact his son. Simon had not been in contact with his son since he was born. Simon was sofa surfing so we referred him to another charity in the hope he would be accepted for a room in their newest house that was nearing completion. In the meantime, we managed to get Simon temporarily housed while the new property was being refurbished. Luckily, Simon was accepted and moved into his new home. We helped Simon with his benefits and to set up a bank account so that he could receive his universal credit as well as make the monthly payments for his service charge for his new home. We also got Simon registered with a GP and arranged for his prescriptions to be sent to his nearest pharmacy. Simon has settled in really well to his new home; however, he has had a few moments where he has relapsed but we have supported him through these and attended appointments with him to get him the help he needed. He is currently clean and looking forward to the possibility of meeting his son whose mother we will be attempting to contact.


sanctus success story - Sanctus Homeless Charity

“Sanctus saved my life”

Mark, Essex

“Sanctus has been a breath of fresh air. I was on the streets. Sanctus has helped me a lot with food and shelter and a place where I can call home. They have helped me with living accommodations. It’s a place where I would like to see its doors still open in the future. I would recommend anyone who is homeless or in need of help to go to Sanctus”

Stella, Essex

“My name is James and I am currently staying in a tent with my partner. We both have no family or support and without Sanctus, we would be struggling a lot more than we already are. Sanctus and the staff and volunteers give us great advice to be pointed in the right direction. It is somewhere to keep dry, and warm and have a hot meal. We have been given blankets and a lot of handy items to make our stay on the streets more capable. My partner and I would be in a bad place without the help and support from Sanctus”

James, Essex

“Sanctus is a nice place where you can go and feel at home. Everybody is really kind and they always take the time to help me out”

Jane, Chelmsford

“I have been going to Sanctus from the beginning I have found the staff to be very helpful and understanding. I have been sleeping rough and having lost my wife I have found it hard to cope on my own. Sanctus has given me great hope to go on with life and all the staff have been undoubtedly wonderful”

Ali, Chelmsford

“Just because I push my world in a trolley doesn’t mean I don’t deserve respect. That’s why I come to Sanctus because you show us all that respect, every day”

Dave, Chelmsford