Our wonderful staff and volunteers provide a friendly welcoming community for the homeless and vulnerable.
A few examples of our great team are shown below

Sandra – Our café Manageress (otherwise known as “Mum”)
Solid, steadfast and genuine. Sandra cares for the masses and is respected and loved by everyone who walks through our doors from service users, to staff and volunteers.

Emma Setchell
Down to earth and incredibly approachable, Emma is a hard-working and accommodating asset to our team.

Emma Hughes – Trustee and Hub Manager
Sanctus is privileged to have Emma as part of the team. Her ability to engage, listen, support, advise, mentor she also has a unique skill to support people in a way that few people can. She also a key person that facilitates change not just for individuals but for Sanctus within the wider community. Like so many of the team she is having a profound and lasting affect on peoples lives.

Emma Goldie – Trustee and Founder
A creative and inspirational visionary with heart and passion for the people we serve.

Stephen Turoff – Trustee and Founder
Dependable, open hearted and genuine. Sanctus is Stephen’s brainchild and came from a place of empathy after he experienced homelessness in his younger years.

Emma Murfitt
Making sure Sanctus runs smoothly and picking up on everyone’s issues and making them no longer problems, all completed with a smile.

Motivates the team by telling us all how much she loves Sanctus and enjoys being here! No one is going hungry or is slow to be served when Denise is around.

Working with us alongside his studies in philosophy. Keeping everyone full of life, never to busy to chat and support everyone.

Takes everything in her stride and never phased. A great asset for the team and always willing to get stuck into everything.

Barry Ansley – Trustee
Barry has been involved with Sanctus since early 2019, supporting as a specialist advisor and now as a Trustee. Barry has worked in housing for over 25 years and has specialised in supported housing for over 20 of them. Barry is passionate about supporting the Sanctus team and working to support vulnerable people in Chelmsford.