Join the Sanctus Centurions: Supporting Our Mission, Empowering Your Business for £100 per month.

Are you a business looking to make a real difference in your community while enhancing your corporate social responsibility profile? Look no further than becoming a Sanctus Centurion!

At Sanctus, our mission is to provide a warm and welcoming cafe environment alongside vital life signposting services to homeless and vulnerable individuals in Chelmsford, Essex. By joining our Sanctus Centurions, you not only align your brand with our impactful cause but also unlock a host of exclusive benefits tailored to elevate your business:

By becoming a Sanctus Centurion you will have:-

1. Amplified Exposure: Sanctus will prominently promote your business across our social media platforms, newsletters, and website, showcasing your commitment to supporting vulnerable populations.

2. Monthly Updates: Stay informed and engaged with our cause through monthly newsletters, packed with updates on our initiatives, impact stories, and upcoming events.

3. Priority Access: Enjoy priority access and opportunities for sponsorship in our diverse range of events and marketing initiatives throughout the year.

4. Networking Opportunities: Forge meaningful connections with fellow business owners at our quarterly networking breakfasts, fostering collaboration and community spirit.

5. Exclusive Events: Experience the prestige of our Networking and Black Tie Charity Event at the renowned Race Course, an evening of elegance and philanthropy.

6. Tax Benefits: As a tax-deductible expense, your membership fee provides additional value to your business while supporting our cause.

7. Recognition and Appreciation: Showcase your commitment with a framed membership certificate for your boardroom and social media profiles, alongside a prestigious gold badge to mark the community to which you will belong.

8. Long-Term Recognition: Receive special recognition and awards for your continuous support, celebrating your dedication as a long-standing Sanctus Centurion.

By becoming a Sanctus Centurion, not only do you enhance your business’s reputation and network, but you also directly contribute to creating a more inclusive and supportive community for those in need.

Join us today in making a meaningful impact. Together, we can transform lives and build a brighter future for all.

For all of this we are asking for 100 Companies to commit £100 per month.