Your motivation to support a charity may be a personal association with the activities of the charity, a desire to make a difference, your team wishing to have a joint activity, an opportunity for brand recognition or a need to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. For most companies who assist Sanctus, it is a combination of many of these.

With the emerging economic climate, companies are finding new ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase brand awareness among their target audience. There are a number of ways to do this, but one of the best ways to increase brand awareness is through sponsorship in relation to charitable work and activities. Sanctus is a highly effective charity working with the extremely vulnerable and will be a very supportive business partner.

If you’re a business that incorporates CSR into your corporate model then we offer many opportunities for a business to align to Sanctus, but crucially for your team to also feel involved. We will personalise your objectives to activities and will thank you for your support by working closely with you and your team.

Sanctus can help you in a variety of ways:

  • We can offer your staff a tour of the Sanctus Building and to meet some of our service users. Not only will it show them the breadth of support we give to our service users, but it will allow them to ask questions to increase their understanding of the issues faced by vulnerable people in Chelmsford and surrounding areas.

  • Your staff can volunteer with us! This can involve helping with food preparation, assisting in the kitchen, serving meals, helping in the café, washing and tidying up and sorting through clothes donations prior to them being given out.

  • We hold regular social events in the evening in the café area that not only raise funds for Sanctus but give people in the local community a chance to meet the staff and volunteers first-hand. These are also opportunities for networking and marketing. Your staff could either volunteer at those events or take a table or two and enjoy the fun.

  • We often put out requests for essential items for our service users (for example, sleeping bags, rucksacks, tents, flasks, and warm clothing). Employees within our sponsoring companies often task themselves with sourcing these items.

  • We also help our service users kit out their new accommodations when we get them housed. We are always looking for help in providing white goods and furniture.

  • We are also able to visit businesses and give a presentation to either senior management or employees. This gives even more background as to what we do, and how we can incorporate that into your CSR.

  • Your staff can feel that they are making a difference and can feel bonded and motivated through a shared experience.

Fundraising is a major area that companies promoting CSR can help Sanctus. This can be achieved in a variety of ways:

  • Annual Corporate Donations: These really help as they mean we can confidently plan or work throughout the year, as well as ensure we can cover the cost of our services.

  • Regular Staff Donations: Employees of our Sponsor’s team can pay monthly donations to the charity.

  • Fundraising Activities: These not only bring in much-needed revenue for Sanctus, but also increase our visibility in the local communities. They are great team-building exercises too.

  • Specific Donations: This is where a Sponsor sits down with us and agrees to fund a specific need. This could be an item of equipment for the Café or Hub, a support service we provide, or even the salary of a member of staff.

  • One-off Donation: Sponsors often support a different charity each year. We understand that and are grateful if we are the chosen cause.

All participating Sanctus Sponsors are encouraged to promote their association with the Charity on their websites, stationary and social media. We will also promote your involvement and will assist in building your brand awareness and reputation, we have extensively supported social media channels. We want the community, your customers, and clients to appreciate what you are doing for the homeless and vulnerable in the community.

Please contact us or drop in at Sanctus:

Call Us: 01245 257 985