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“I will never be able to repay you for giving me the place to stay while I sorted my life out”. Anonymous.

“Staying here has saved my life”. Anonymous.

When Mick was working as a pharmacist he had to leave his friends house where he was living. He managed to pay b+b costs for guest houses when employed, but then had to stop working whilst he waited for his DBS check to be completed.


In June he found himself homeless, fortunately he managed to secure a bed at the night-shelter for ten days and was then given a room. Mick came to Sanctus for lunch and for food throughout this period, as he couldn’t afford to eat, and continued to be supported whilst he awaited his DBS cert.


Mick has now moved to a privately rented room and is working full time.

"When I lived in a tent and had no money, Sanctus fed me every day. It took nearly two months for the Jobcentre to start making payments after I claimed. That's enough time for me to have died of hunger twice over. It's surprising how little edible food you can find in bins.


The first time I went in I thought it would be a den of heroin addicts all trying to rob me. On the contrary, within five minutes someone had made me a cup of tea and people in the same situation as me had started giving me crucial information on how to survive what was happening. I now give that same information to newly homeless people when they come in for the first time. I remember the meal we had that first day. It was roast lamb with all the trimmings, overflowing the plate, enough to keep a man alive for a day. After I'd shovelled it down I sat back and my heart was soaring and I knew everything was going to be all right.


Through the winter, Sanctus was a shelter from the rain and the cold where I could come and sit and just be normal for a few hours in good company. Without the food I would have starved, but without the social and psychological support I would have been found swinging in woodland. I had the spot picked out."  -  Anonymous.

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